Desert in Dark


MAAM is the culmination of a reckless idea, born in a surprisingly clean Northern Virginia basement, that women should unite our voices in music against the injustices that keep us up at night.  Now (or, rather, four years ago) is the time for us to rail against the corrupt corporate patriarchy and its bloated orange overlord.  

Women’s voices matter. 

MAAM is made up of 80% women.    

MAAM’s voice matters (> 80%).


Let MAAM be your voice.


Q.      Is MAAM an acronym?

A.      We are Moms....And A Man.

Q.      What kind of music does MAAM play?

A.      MAAM gravitates toward music that makes people put their heads through a plate-glass window (grunge, punk,                alt-rock).  But we also take requests.    


Q.      How does MAAM recommend removing blood stains from a rayon blouse?

A.      Baking soda and cold water.  





ST. P*



1.  Mother of human children

2.  Unaccomplished musician and lawyer

3.  Part-time werewolf


*St. P has not been officially recognized as a saint, as she is not dead and has only performed one miracle.