MAAM is the antidote to covid-related blues, although that statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. MAAM is the intersection of grunge, alt rock and grunge/alt rock ballads, including covers and originals. We are based in the Washington, DC (NoVA) region and made up of four women and a guy who can shred. MAAM is also a palindrome.

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pic of band from Nov 2020


Description and reviews of MAAM's second original single, "Better"
Description and reviews of MAAM's second original single, "Better"

Live performance of an original song "Manster!" and a cover of "This Feeling" for the 2020 DC Art All Night virtual festival finale, headlined by The Chuck Brown Band.  

DC Art All Night artist lineup
Flyer for MAAM appearance at DC Art All Night festival

Featured on the Sept 2020 podcast interview with Rick Bernstein (The Voice of DC) and host of The Pod of DC, to talk about how MAAM came together as a band, and what inspires us as moms and musicians. 

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Description and reviews of MAAM's second original single, "Better"

Music blogger reviews for "Better"

Alchemical Records: "'The eccentricity of this band, their care and love for the DC music scene, the pure earth-shattering excellency of their music and aesthetics makes it mandatory to take a's rare to find a band with such a combination of sweetness and head-bopping percussion."


Various Small Flames wrote: "The vocals are great here and help build a warm and nostalgic tone"


Dan @ Mind Noise Network of Mind Noise Network wrote: "Really nice track for sure and vocally has a bit of Taylor Momson about it"


Eduard Banulescu of Alt77 wrote: "I love the way this is put together, the use of the guitars and the vocals melodies. The composition is great and we'd love to hear more in the future."

Cheers To The Vikings wrote: "Beautiful melody and amazing guitar solo! The singing voice is a piece of heaven and the lyrics are so original."

"Better" is the second single released by MAAM. It's an electric alt-rock lullaby, with a message of hope for everyone living through a global pandemic and a time of great socio-political turbulence. The song is a reminder that, no matter the circumstance, children can rely on a parent's love to lead them through the darkness. The song imposes an anxious drum beat and soaring guitar solo over a dreamlike melody and vocals, reflecting the alternating angst and optimism that characterizes this unparalleled moment in world history.  

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"Manster!" was written and released in Sept 2020 against the backdrop of the US general election, reflecting the band's despair over the words and actions of the current resident of the White House, the havoc wreaked across the nation and the irreversible harm inflicted on so many for years to come. 


This powerful and energetic, "gritty classic rock inspired" single with "Black Keys vibes" is led by strong female lead vocals that have been compared to Gwen Stefani and Debbie Harry. A driving drum beat, bluesy bassline and fiery guitar solos round out this debut release from MAAM. 

Music blogger reviews for "Manster!"

buffaBLOG: "Definitely giving me those Black Keys vibes, cool swung rhythm."

Nathan Lankford of Austin Town Hall: "Good voice, this track feels like it might have more of a classic rock feel to it, just updated for modern times."

When The Horn Blows: "Amazing power and energy. Sassy vocals."

We All Want Someone To Shout For: "A gritty classic rock inspired sound and some big guitar work. Well produced stuff here."